Solidar Suisse, Zurich

Due to the poverty, many young people in Nicaragua do neither graduate nor get the appropriate vocational training. The precarious living standards bear a high risk of slipping into criminality. This project aims to establish high quality vocational training, to foster the labour market integration through traineeships and offers further education as well as financial support for business creation.

TearFund Schweiz, Zurich

The educational system in Peru only offers very limited future opportunities for young people. In the region Apurimac, only a mere fraction of youths manages the leap into higher education and most public vocational training centers cannot offer relevant and qualitative training. This project supports the public vocational training centers in the region Apurimac in order to enable young people a well-founded practical education which facilitates the entry into the labour market. 


In Haiti, it is estimated that over one third of the population aged between 15 – 24 years is unemployed. This is because a majority of people below the poverty line are unable to access employment due to a lack of education or training. The current offer for vocational training is too expensive, takes too long and does not meet the requirements of the labour market. Therefore, this project aims to enhance the situation by offering improved technical training combining in-depth knowledge and practice in a real context.

Swiss Academy for Development, Biel

The Montobello district which belongs to the city of Cali is known as Colombia’s most dangerous city. The district faces major challenges such as criminality, migration or unemployment. In order to combat these challenges, this project supports the transformation of the existing “Colegio Las Aguas” into an integrative educational centre. A holistic educational approach enables a high-quality education for a sustainable development, peace and promising life perspectives for the society and especially the youth.

Plan International Schweiz, Zurich

This project is located in El Salvador. It aims to enable young people, especially women, and their families to gain an opportunity for income generation and a perspective for the future through youth employment promotion. It strengthens the social and employment system and facilitates the access to professional, technical and life skills training.

Vivamos Mejor, Zurich

During the civil war, many children and young adults and their families had to flee from rural areas to Colombia’s main city, Bogotà. There, the young people scratch a living for themselves and for their families by occasional jobs - an education or a secure job is out of their reach. This project supports children from marginalized families by offering them an officially recognized vocational education. After the completion of the programme, the participants are given a secure workplace with a guaranteed minimum wage and social benefits which helps them to gain a foothold in the working world.

Asian University for Women Support Foundation, Cambridge (USA)

The Asian University for Women has the aim to build the next generation of leaders by educating women across Asia and preparing them for careers in leadership and public service. This project consists of a sponsorship of 10 scholarships for women who are the first in their families to enter university. The scholarships allow the Asian University for Women to provide the women with the academic, professional and financial support they need in order to grow into strong leaders in their chosen fields.

one world foundation, Sri Lanka

The foundation has built a school in Sri Lanka’s Southwest which offers a multilateral education complementing the state school system for children and young adults. The trainings offered are English and Tamil language courses, computer science and photography courses, a preschool based on the concept of Montessori as well as the so called “Women’s Cooperation” which offers one-year training courses to women in tailoring, embroidery and batik.


The project is active in the rural Teuk Phos district in Cambodia’s Kampong Chhnang province. It aims to enhance the education opportunities at public schools. The project supports two kindergartens, two primary schools and two secondary schools. Furthermore, it provides direct support to the families - they can start their own agricultural income projects which directly improve their livelihood. Other families receive support in the form of school fees for their children.

Krousar Thmey, Lausanne

This project promotes quality education and inclusion for visually or hearing impaired children in Cambodia. This aim will be achieved by offering a comprehensive curriculum specially designed for children with special needs in order to enable them to become an integral part of society. A tailored education model together with the necessary tools such as Braille and Khmer sign language, adapted textbooks and training of specialized teachers, provides the children the best possible support throughout their studies. Ultimately, the project enhances the socio-economic inclusion of visually and hearing impaired children thanks to a comprehensive education curriculum and support from Kindergarten up to Grade 12 and from there towards joining vocational training and even university.

Association Room to Read, Zurich

Laos’ education system is in need of improvement in order to meet the needs of its very young population – half of the people are below 18 years of age. Inequalities based on ethnicity, gender and wealth hinder many children from receiving equal access to education. This project aims to improve the reading skills of primary school children in Laos. It addresses three key areas being teacher training and support, reading materials and learning spaces.

elea Foundation, Zurich

The aim of the project is to fight against poverty in developing countries. It fosters entrepreneurial skills in order to give the people sustainable access to the advantages and possibilities that globalisation offers.

ETH Zürich Foundation, Zurich

The “Excellence Scholarship & Opportunity Programme” (ESOP) enables outstanding students from all over the world to pursue a Master’s degree at ETH Zurich. Since 2007, already around 400 scholarships were granted to students from 49 nations.